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Author Guidelines

Long, short and position papers should be submitted in an editable format, .rtf (or .doc or .pages).

We adopted the guidelines described in

o -> Authors' Instructions .doc

o -> Authors' Instructions .pages

(derived from the Authors' Instructions for the preparation of Camera-Ready Contributions to LNCS Proceedings)

N.B.: .CSL file to use the citation style required by IxD&A in Mendeley can be found, thanks to Hendrys Fabian Tobar, here below:

at Mendeley.com -> download - at Github repository -> download



Expected length of contributions:


long papers: 15-30 pages

short papers: 5-12 pages

position papers: 5-10 pages

all papers will be blindly peer-reviewed by at least two (2) reviewers



essays: more than 60 pages

essays' authors, if prefer, can submit a preliminary proposal containing at least: front-page, preface or introduction, TOC and a representative chapter;
all essays' proposals will be blindly peer-reviewed by at least two (2) reviewers.


Conventions of Scientific Authorship

IxD&A strongly reccomend to follow the standard convention for scientific authorship, see for example this link.

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